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__ is for ______ A is for Abs: Do 20 crunches
B is for Butt: Do 10 donkey kicks
C is for Calves: Do 10 calf raises
D is Dips: Do 10 chair dips
E is for Extra: Do your favourite exercise, twice!
F is for Fido: Take him for a walk
G is for Gut: Do 20 sit ups
H is for Hold: Hold a plank for 30 seconds
I is for Ignite: Feel the burn with a jog around the block
J is for Jump: Do 25 jumping jacks
K is for Kettle Bell: Do 10 simple lifts
L is for Lats: Do 5 pull ups
M is for Move: Get up and do something, anything!
N is for "Nice Ass": Give someone else a compliment on how great they look
O is for Over: Jump over something (however you want) 10 times
P is for Pushups: Do 10 pushups
Q is for Quick Steps: Take 100 sprinting steps in place
R is for Reverse: Do you favourite exercise backwards to work new muscles
S is for Squats: Do 10 squats
T is for Thighs: Do 10 side leg lifts per leg
U is for Under: Do 5 "Under the Fence" moves
V is for Video: Do you favourite workout video
W is for Weights: Do 20 reps of 3lbs+
X is for.... : Chose any workout you want
Y is for Yoga: Follow a yoga video
Z is for Zig-Zag: Go for a jog, but zig zag from one side of the path to the other along the way.
Put a word in my ask: ARMS: 10 pushups
LEGS: 10 jumping jacks
ABS: 10 sit ups
THIGHS: 10 donkey kicks
CALVES: 10 calve raises
MUSCLES: 10 chair dips
LIFT: 10 weight lifts
ASS: 10 squats
HYDRATE: A glass of water

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